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About Your Subscribers

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This guide is designed to familiarise you with everything to do with your subscribers on Maildroppa. After all, they’re the reason you’re here!

Getting started

When you first sign up for Maildroppa, you may want to import a subscriber list that you already have stored elsewhere. Likewise, once you’ve built up your database, you will need to know how to export subscribers.

Once you’ve logged into your Maildroppa account, click on Subscribers in the left-hand menu tab. This will bring up the page where you can manage everything to do with your subscriber list.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers section

The Basics

The information for your list of subscribers is split into four columns:

  1. Email - the email address you customer provided when signing up for your newsletter.

  2. First Name - when they complete their signup forms, your subscribers have the option to enter a name they wish to be called in your communications.

  3. Status - Subscribers’ status will appear as Confirmed until they activate their subscription. After clicking the activation link emailed to them, their status will automatically change to Active. If somebody chooses to stop receiving your newsletter at any stage, they will show up as an Unsubscribed Subscriber. Rejected subscribers are split into Blocked (you don’t want them on the list) and Bounced (they don’t want to receive emails anymore). The standard view shows you all subscribers in your list, but you can filter by a specific category via the Show dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers section, filtering option
  1. Subscription Date - The final column shows the date that each subscriber signed up to your list.

Search for Subscribers

Just below the Subscribers page heading you will see a Search bar, where you can search for individual subscribers by their first name or email address.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers section, search option

Importing Subscribers

To import your subscribers, click on Add a New Subscriber on the right of the screen to open the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers section, add a new subscriber feature

If you select Add a Single Subscriber, a popup window will appear where you can fill in the email address and first name of the subscriber. You are required to check the box confirming that you have permission from the email user to add them to your list before clicking Add in order for the action to be completed.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers section, add a new subscriber feature

The second option is to import a pre-prepared list of subscribers from an external source. To find out more about what CSV is and how to import a full subscription list, please read our full tutorial on Importing Subscribers from CSV.

Each of our plans supports a different limit for the number of subscribers you can store on your list. If you exceed this limit you will automatically be upgraded to a higher plan (additional charges apply).

We will send you an alert when you reach 95% of your subscriber limit, so that you are aware that you are getting close to an auto upgrade. BUT, it is important to note that if you import a CSV file with more subscribers than your plan allows, it will trigger an auto upgrade to a plan that matches the number of subscribers imported.

Exporting Subscribers

Clicking on the Bulk Actions button will bring up a dropdown menu. To export your whole subscriber list, simply click on Export All.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - bulk actions for the subscribers

If, on the other hand, you only want to export some of your subscribers, you can select them individually by checking the boxes next to their details and then clicking on Export Selected from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - bulk actions for the subscribers

Export specific subscriber types

You might also want to export certain categories of subscribers. Maybe you’re only interested in having a list of your active subscribers, or maybe you want to keep a record of customers who have unsubscribed from your list.

To select what type of subscribers to export, go to the dropdown menu to show the different options:

  1. All Subscribers

  2. Confirmed Subscribers

  3. Active Subscribers

  4. Unsubscribed Subscribers

  5. Blocked Subscribers

  6. Bounced Subscribers

You will now see a list of subscribers for whichever option you chose. Check the box next to Email to select all subscribers in this list, then go to the Bulk Actions dropdown menu and click on Export Selected.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - bulk actions for the subscribers

Exported Subscribers

Once you have exported any subscribers from your list, the following popup window will appear:

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - export subscribers

You will then receive an email to the address you registered with us, letting you know when the process is complete. In this mail, you can click on Download Subscribers or follow the link provided to retrieve your exported subscriber list.

Deleting Subscribers

In the Bulk Actions dropdown menu, you can also choose Delete Selected subscribers (first check the boxes next to any subscribers you want to remove from the list), or Delete All, which will delete the entire list.

Choosing either of these options will open a popup window asking you to confirm the action, before subscribers are permanently deleted from your account. To delete all subscribers, you will also need to type DELETE ALL in the text box to confirm the action.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - delete subscribers