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Your starting point for email marketing success: subscriber signup forms

Signup forms are the beginning of your relationship with customers. By signing up, customers give you permission to engage. We’ve created attractive forms that are simple to set up, and simple to use. You’ll earn instant credibility while growing your subscriber list.

Head to the Forms tab and get started in 5 easy steps.
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Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

Step 1: Choose a signup form

The first step is to choose a signup form to add to your site. We have several options for different purposes.


This is our best-performing signup form. It’s a small form that appears a few seconds after the page loads. It slides up or down from the edge of your website, instantly attracting your visitor’s attention. This can get annoying for regular website visitors, so you can adjust how often the slider appears. E.g. you can set it to just once a month for returning visitors.

Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

Page Inline

This form is unobtrusive, yet very effective. It is the perfect form to put inside a page, e.g. at the end of a blog post.

Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

Popup Widget

This is our most beautiful signup form. It’s a widget that pops up when visitors click on it. You can put it anywhere on the page, but most of our users place it on the left or right side of the screen.

The popup widget offers the greatest scope for design. You can include a picture and additional text, e.g. your real-time number of subscribers. This gives you credibility and increases the chances that visitors will subscribe.

Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

Step 2: Create your form

Here you can see how easy it is to create your own signup form (using the popup widget as an example).

After you click the “Create Form” button you’ll see we’ve already preconfigured the form’s settings. This is based on what we know achieves good results. You can get started with our default versions immediately, or customize the settings based on your needs.

In this example you can see the slider at the top showing 50% complete. This tells visitors they are halfway there, which tempts them to get the bar to 100%. All they have to do is click the green “Send me the book!” button, so they might as well! After they click, users are prompted to enter their first name and email address. It’s a psychological trick that has great success!

Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

Step 3: Copy your link

At the click of a button this little code snippet appears. Copy and insert this on your page where you want the signup form to appear. It’s as simple as that!

But if you have more important things to do, just let us know — we’ll be happy to do it for you!
Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

Step 4: Complete the subscription process

After your subscriber gives you their email address, they will complete the process in one simple step (in accordance with the GDPR Act).

The “Thank You” box will appear to explain to users what they need to do. It’s also another opportunity to engage with customers. In this example we've included social media sharing buttons so new subscribers can share your page with friends.

As with everything else, you can use our time-tested default versions or customize this box in the Setup tab.
Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

Step 5: Welcome your new subscriber

After your new subscriber has confirmed their email address, they are registered for your newsletter. Congratulations!

You’ll want to welcome your new subscriber with a friendly message. You can even throw in bonus content or freebies to show how much you value them. You can create a welcome email or welcome page (or both) in the Setup tab.

Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

Review your forms

You’ll want to check back every now and then to see how your forms are performing. In the Forms tab you can find data that shows which form is getting you the most subscribers, and how many signups per visitor.

Maildroppa app feature - sign up forms

I’m really not that good with technology so the idea of adding forms to my website was intimidating. I figured I’d pay someone to do it for me. I was surprised at how easy Maildroppa made it. My email list has grown dramatically since I added them too!

Andrea Lukinsky Marketing Director, Zepy Inc.