Creating a newsletter takes minutes

Maildroppa is built specifically to help busy founders win the email channel. We've taken email marketing, stripped it down to what's necessary, and given you intuitive tools that help you grow your audience.

  • Forms that convert
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Subscriber segments and tags
  • Privacy-first capabilities
  • Easy GDPR compliance
  • Better delivery rates
Maildroppa application features - creating a newsletter

Simple subscribersegmenting and tagging

Segment recipients using filters, the custom fields you've created, and the tags you've added.

With a segmented subscriber base, its easy write more relevant content. And relevant content is what ultimately gets the sale.

Maildroppa application features - simple subscriber segmenting and tagging

See subscriber growthmonth-to-month

Check out your subscriber reports to see how your list has grown over time.

Maildroppa application features - see subscriber growth month-to-month

How X surfing school grew their newsletter exponentially

Now we set up email campaigns in 15 minutes max!

We always spent hours setting up email campaigns — every single time. On average, it took us 10 hours per campaign. With Maildroppa, it takes us 15 minutes max. That's time we now focus on growing our business!


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