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Keeping track of your subscribers

The foundation for email marketing success is your all-important email subscriber list. A growing list means more opportunities to market your brand. You need to know your audience and how it’s growing so you can strategize.

We provide useful statistics so you can track your growth, and easy list management tools to save you time.
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Understand your audience

Review our real-time statistics to get insights about your subscriber list. Get excited as you watch your list grow!

List growth

You can find list-growth statistics in the Subscribers tab. The graph shows your total number of subscribers, the number of new signups per day, and any unsubscribers. You can choose which statistic to view, as well as the time period. You can also find summary totals at the top of the graph. This helps you see which days/weeks/months have bigger numbers of subscribers signing up.

Maildroppa app feature - subscribers

Signups by form type

To see how well each of your signup forms are performing, head over to the Forms tab. There you will find each form’s conversion rate (signups per visitors).

Maildroppa app feature - subscribers

Easy organization

“I love spending my days on repetitive admin tasks,” said no business owner ever! We get it—you want to spend as little time as possible on admin so you can focus on more exciting things. Maildroppa takes the hassle out of managing your growing subscriber list with easy-to-use tools.

  • List view

    You can find your entire email list in the Subscribers tab. Adjust how many subscribers to view at once using the drop-down menu—10, 100, or even 1,000.

  • Subscriber search

    Search your list easily with our simple search function. E.g. display all Gmail users at once, or all users from a certain location.

  • List management

    With one click view details or edit individual subscribers, import and export subscribers, or delete and add subscribers manually (if you really need to).

Maildroppa app feature - subscribers

As my business grew, I noticed I was wasting more and more time on admin instead of the aspects of business I love — strategy and product development. Maildroppa’s simple list management tools let me get back to that!

Mirza Lačević Digital Marketing Expert