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Engage your audience consistently, nurture leads while you sleep, and scale your content without the daily grind? It's not just a dream. With automated email courses, you can achieve all this and more.


Introducing: Automation Essentials

Your step-by-step guide to creating impactful, automated email courses that captivate, educate, and convert.


Here's a Glimpse of What's Inside:


Craft with Purpose

Deeply understand your audience's desires and expertly tailor your course for maximum impact and engagement.


Hands-on with Maildroppa

Dive into the simple visual automation builder early on and bring your course to life. No waiting around!


Content that Resonates

Break down complex topics, use relatable stories, and incorporate multimedia for a richer learning experience.


Beyond the Basics

Discover ways to monetize your course and provide additional value to your subscribers.

Why Learn from Marcus?

With years of experience and insights from building his own successful email ventures, Marcus will guide you, not as a distant instructor, but as a fellow creator. Sharing not just techniques, but personal stories and lessons learned from his own journey.

Marcus Biel, Maildroppa Founder and CEO
Marcus BielMaildroppa Founder and CEOMarcus Biel was named Developer Champion by Oracle in 2019 and rated #13 of the world's top Java influencers by Jaxenter magazine in 2017.