Creating a newsletter takes minutes

Maildroppa is built specifically to help busy founders win the email channel. We've taken email marketing, stripped it down to what's necessary, and given you intuitive tools that help you grow your audience.

  • Forms that convert
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Subscriber segments and tags
  • Privacy-first capabilities
  • Easy GDPR compliance
  • Better delivery rates
Maildroppa application features - creating a newsletter

Your customer's journey starts with a sign-up form

Your sign-up form is your first chance to get the “yes” from a potential subscriber. It's that first point of connection.

Whether its delivering your free lead magnet, starting a waitlist, or growing an audience, Maildroppa helps you create professional forms that get people subscribing.

Maildroppa application features - customer's journey starts with a sign-up form

Test what works withthree form types

Quickly create forms for any area of your website.

Maildroppa features - in-line formsIn-line form

Embedded organically in your page's content. Great for newsletter CTAs in your blogs.

Maildroppa features - pop-up formsPop up form

Pops up a few seconds after your webpage page loads. Excellent for free lead magnets.

Maildroppa features - slide in formsSlide in form

Gently slides at the bottom of the page. Great for main CTAs on your website.

Custom subscriber fieldsgive you the ultimate flexibility

You're not limited to pre-set fields or data types. Create custom fields to collect any kind of information from your subscribers, in any format.

Create custom fields using:

  • Radio buttons
  • Drop downs
  • Check boxes
  • Text boxes
  • ... And more!
Maildroppa application features - custom subscriber fields give you the ultimate flexibility

Designed to convertfrom day one

Maildroppa's forms use proven techniques to help you improve conversion rates.

Show multiple steps

When you know 50% of the work is already done, you're more likely to complete the job. Increase conversions by adding steps or percentage graphics to show users how close they are to completing sign-up.

Subscriber counter

Add a subscriber counter right next to your main subscribe button to show how many others are enjoying your newsletter. No subscribers yet? Just use the counter offset to get started. ng sign-up.

Maildroppa application features - designed to convert from day one

Your newsletter isGDPR compliantout the box

Maildroppa's forms will automatically inform subscribers what data you store, how long you store it, and why you're storing it by displaying consent check boxes and a full privacy policy.

Maildroppa application features - GDPR compliance, customize your privacy policy

Default consent checkboxes

Consent checkboxes are added to all your forms by default unless you turn them off.

Maildroppa application features - GDPR compliance, customize your privacy policy

Customize your privacy policy

Easily change your privacy policy in any way you need.

Maildroppa application features - GDPR compliance, choose who to notify

Choose who to notify

Turn off consent check boxes for all non-EU residents.

Welcome new subscribers to keep engagement metrics high

Keep engagement high by sending automated messages when someone subscribes.

Custom success and opt-in message

After someone subscribes, say thank you with a custom message or redirect them to a custom URL. You can even customize your opt-in email!

Automated welcome email

Start the conversation with new subscribers by automatically sending them a welcome email.

Maildroppa application features - welcome new subscribers to keep engagement metrics high

Reports show you what's converting and what's not

Start with a form, measure your conversion rates and track performance rates over time. So you can work out how to grow your subscriber base exponentially.

Unlike other tools, all reports and analytics features are available to you with Maildroppa's free plan.

Maildroppa application features - reports show you what's converting and what's not

Works in any language

You can adjust every single text element in your forms and emails to a language of your choice. So you can provide your subscribers with the best experience possible.

Maildroppa application features - works in any language

Loved how easy it was to get started with Maildroppa

We knew we had to find a better way to grow our email list. But we didn't have time to learn a new tool so kept putting it off. We loved how easy it was to get started with Maildroppa. We could create beautiful signup forms in just a few clicks. Our email list tripled in a matter of weeks! Wish we'd got onto it sooner!

ANDREA LUKINSKYMarketing Director, Zepy Inc.

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