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The email newsletter software that delivers more emails to inboxes, and more sales for your business.

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We believe in making life easy for small businesses

Want to get started with email marketing, but don’t have the time or tech skills? Or maybe you’ve tried but didn’t get the results you wanted.

That’s because other email newsletter services have poor delivery rates: Many of your emails probably went to spam folders.

We’ve built an email marketing solution that’s quick and easy to use. Not only that, but we have higher delivery rates which means more of your emails will get to customers’ inboxes.

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How are we different?

Why choose us over other email marketing services?

Quick setup

Maildroppa takes less than 5 minutes to install, even if tech isn’t your strong suit.

We get it — you are growing a business so your task list is endless! You’ve got customers to serve, content to create, and new opportunities to chase. You don’t want to waste time figuring out a new tool. Our setup wizard will take you through a few simple steps and you’re done!

You can start reaching out to customers with minimal time and effort, which frees you up to focus on other tasks.

Quick setup

99% delivery rate

Other email marketing solutions have delivery rates of 30-50% with the rest going to spam. That adds up to a lot of wasted effort and missed sales.

With a delivery rate of up to 99%, we’ve designed Maildroppa to make sure your emails get seen. More emails into inboxes means more exposure and more sales. Watch your bottom line increase as a result!

99% delivery rate

Easy to use

You’ll start sending emails in no time with our intuitive system. Our design tools and layouts make it easy for you to create professional emails and playlists — it’s just like using Word or Google Docs. You’ll build credibility and trust with every email!

Make it easy for people to join your email list with signup forms! With Maildroppa it’s simple to add attractive and effective forms to your website. Use our time-tested default versions as a starting point and customize them based on your needs. Convert website visitors into subscribers at the click of a button!

Easy to use

We’re small business owners too

We know the challenges business owners face. In fact, Maildroppa was born out of frustration with the email marketing tools available. We found them too complicated and too time consuming. We created Maildroppa for ourselves, but after seeing the results, developed it for you. So we know it works, because we use it too!

We’re small business owners too

Don’t miss out on lost sales

We’ve done the math: Maildroppa pays for itself.

Try free for 14 Days

Get started now in only 5 minutes!

Our clients are happy they found us

Mirza Lačević Digital Marketing Expert

MailDroppa helps me reach clients more quickly and effectively. I used to spend ages creating marketing emails, but didn’t see much reward. I wondered whether my emails even reached my clients’ inboxes. Now I know they are, because I’m seeing 71% more sales with every email I send out.

Andrea Lukinsky Marketing Director, Zepy Inc.

We knew we had to find a better way to grow our email list. But we didn’t have time to learn a new tool so kept putting it off. We loved how easy it was to get started with Maildroppa. We could create beautiful signup forms in just a few clicks. Our email list tripled in a matter of weeks! Wish we’d got onto it sooner!

Richard Hauswald CEO, QuantumMaid

We always spent hours setting up email campaigns — every single time. On average, it took us 10 hours per campaign. With Maildroppa, it takes us 15 minutes max. That’s time we now focus on growing our business!