Creating a newsletter takes minutes

Maildroppa is built specifically to help busy founders win the email channel. We've taken email marketing, stripped it down to what's necessary, and given you intuitive tools that help you grow your audience.

  • Forms that convert
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Subscriber segments and tags
  • Privacy-first capabilities
  • Easy GDPR compliance
  • Better delivery rates
Maildroppa application features - creating a newsletter

Elevate your email marketing journey withadvanced automation

Transform your email campaigns with Maildroppa's advanced automation. Go beyond mere sending; craft experiences tailored to each subscriber. Step into the next era of email marketing and see a boost in engagement. Optimize your marketing with our dynamic automation tools.

Maildroppa application features - email marketing automations

Kickstart thesubscriber's journeywith tailored experiences

  • From the very first email, set the tone for a memorable journey with your brand.
  • Personalize every interaction, ensuring your subscribers feel valued from day one.
  • Deepen relationships with timely and relevant content, making every email a step forward in their journey with you.
Maildroppa application features - subscriber's journey

Visual automation builder:
crafting email flows with ease

Dive into Maildroppa's intuitive visual builder and design impactful email sequences.

Maildroppa application features - visual automation builder, triggers


Initiate the journey based on specific subscriber actions or events.

Maildroppa application features - visual automation builder, steps


Craft the journey with Emails, set Delays, take Actions, and set Conditions to guide the flow.

Maildroppa application features - visual automation builder, state changes

State Changes

Easily switch between Draft, Active, Paused, Deactivated, or Archived states.

Maildroppa application features - visual automation builder, reports


Gain insights at a glance. Monitor subscriber progress and measure the effectiveness of each step.

Intelligent drip campaigns:nurturingmade simple

Unlock the potential of drip campaigns to guide, educate, and convert your subscribers.

  • Lead Nurturing: Schedule a series of emails to gradually introduce your brand, products, or services.
  • Drive Conversions: Timely and relevant content ensures subscribers move smoothly through the sales funnel. With adaptive campaigns, Maildroppa adjusts the email flow based on subscriber behaviors, ensuring continuous refinement and higher engagement.
Maildroppa application features - email marketing automations, drip campaigns

Conditional checks: crafting dynamicemail journeys

Leverage Maildroppa's conditional checks to craft genuinely personalized experiences.

  • Every Subscriber is Unique: Design email flows that adapt to individual subscriber behaviors and preferences. Beyond just tailoring the content, Maildroppa's automations deliver content dynamically based on tags, ensuring each email feels tailor-made.
  • Maximize Engagement: By ensuring every email feels tailor-made, boost your open rates and click-throughs.
Maildroppa application features - email marketing automations

Celebrating Milestones:deepen connections & drive engagement

  • Moments that Matter: Recognize and celebrate key milestones in your subscribers' journey, from birthdays to subscription anniversaries.
  • Automated, Yet Personal: Send timely reminders and celebration emails, making each subscriber feel uniquely valued.
  • Boost Loyalty & Retention: By acknowledging these special moments, foster a deeper connection and encourage continued engagement with your brand.
Maildroppa application features - email marketing automations, deepen connections drive engagement

Advanced features setting us apart

Maildroppa introduces a thoughtful approach to editing active automations. Recognizing the potential risks of modifying an automation with active subscribers, Maildroppa offers a dual-path approach to ensure seamless subscriber experiences.

Conditional checks: crafting dynamicemail journeys

When you make changes to an active automation and hit the "Update" button, Maildroppa instantly checks for subscribers currently progressing through the automation. If found, a special dialog prompts you with two choices:

  • Update Automation: Apply your changes directly. This adjusts the automation immediately, which might affect the subscribers currently in the automation.
  • Save as New Version: This choice safeguards the experience of current subscribers. The existing automation retains its setup and transitions to a 'DISCONNECTING' status, meaning it won't accept new subscribers but will continue serving the current ones until they complete their journey. Once all are through, it auto-archives. Simultaneously, a new automation, reflecting your recent edits, is created. This ensures new subscribers immediately experience the updated flow.
Maildroppa application features - email marketing automations

Start strong, scale smartly

Maildroppa Email Marketing Automations - Zero Cost EntryZero Cost Entry

Dive into advanced email automations without any initial cost. With Maildroppa, you can access our powerful automation features absolutely free for up to 100 subscribers. It's our way of supporting budding businesses and entrepreneurs.

Maildroppa Email Marketing Automations - More for LessMore for Less

Why pay more when you can get the best for less? Maildroppa's pricing is designed to give you the most bang for your buck. Experience top-tier automation capabilities without the hefty price tag that usually comes with them.

Maildroppa Email Marketing Automations - Empower Your GrowthEmpower Growth

Every decision matters when you're growing a business. By choosing Maildroppa, you're not just picking an email tool; you're aligning with a partner that values your growth as much as you do. Save more, do more, and grow more with Maildroppa.

Seamless Integration:
Automations & Transactional Emails

Maildroppa application features - automations, unified workflow

Unified Workflow

With Maildroppa, there's no juggling between different tools or platforms. Our automations are intricately woven with transactional emails, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for both you and your subscribers.

Maildroppa application features - automations, centralized email creation

Centralized Email Creation

Say goodbye to redundant tasks. Create your transactional emails once in our dedicated hub and effortlessly integrate them across multiple automation flows. It's all about efficiency and ensuring your messaging remains consistent, no matter where it's deployed.

Maildroppa application features - automations, maximize your impact

Maximize Your Impact

Every decision matters when you're growing a business. By choosing Maildroppa, you're not just picking an email tool; you're aligning with a partner that values your growth as much as you do. Save more, do more, and grow more with Maildroppa.

Maildroppa's automations have been a game-changer for my business.

The ease of setting up complex flows and seeing immediate results is unparalleled. My engagement rates have skyrocketed!

SOPHIA MARTINEZDigital Marketing Specialist, WebTech Solutions

Highly recommended

I've tried multiple email marketing platforms, but Maildroppa's automation features truly stand out. The visual builder is intuitive, and the unique versioning system allows me to update email flows without disrupting my subscribers' experience. It's like having real-time adaptability for my campaigns.

LIAM NGUYENFounder, InnovateFirst Media

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