Finally, an email tool built for startups. Simply drive growth.

Maildroppa is an email sender that's grounded in principles of simplicity. With all the features you need, and none of the distractions you don't, you can get back to the real task at hand… writing engaging emails that connect with your audience and bring in sales.

Marcus Biel, Maildroppa Founder and CEO
Marcus BielMaildroppa Founder and CEOMarcus Biel was named Developer Champion by Oracle in 2019 and rated #13 of the world's top Java influencers by Jaxenter magazine in 2017.

Our story

I bet your ideal founders' story didn't include hours chained to your computer figuring out complicated email marketing tools.

Mine certainly didn't. But reality and my dreams weren't matching up. So as the saying goes, I solved my own frustration and built Maildroppa. An easy-to-use, reliable email sender that did exactly what I needed it to do: attract subscribers, send emails that actually get delivered, and grow engagement.

A year later, with 14,000 engaged subscribers in the bag and a 99% inbox delivery rate I knew Maildroppa could help others build their audience and kick-start their startups.

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Bootstrappers at heart

We're not going to ask you to complete a lengthy registration process to get started. We're not even going to insist you watch an onboarding tutorial. Maildroppa is a simple, intuitive tool that you can jump right into.

Maildroppa application features - built in EU

Built in the EU

Maildroppa is based in Germany, Europe so we've got GDPR compliance enabled by default. You can easily turn it off for just non-EU users or even customize it to your unique data policy. Talking of data, we've got some pretty neat privacy-first options too!

Committed to genuine value

Maildroppa is in open beta and active development, and we're adding new features constantly. We're committed to making the tool affordable for new ventures and invaluable to growing businesses.