Creating a newsletter takes minutes

Maildroppa is built specifically to help busy founders win the email channel. We've taken email marketing, stripped it down to what's necessary, and given you intuitive tools that help you grow your audience.

  • Forms that convert
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Subscriber segments and tags
  • Privacy-first capabilities
  • Easy GDPR compliance
  • Better delivery rates
Maildroppa application features - creating a newsletter

Core Features

Despite powerful functionality, Maildroppa is intuitive and easy to use.

Formsdesigned to convert

Create professional forms in minutes. Add extra conversion-boosting elements like progress bars and subscriber counters to increase conversion rates. So you can effortlessly attract an audience.

  • Easy customization of form fields, design and language
  • Three form types, popup, slider, and in-line
  • GDPR compliant by default
  • Custom opt-in and welcome emails
Maildroppa application features - forms designed to convert

Simple subscribersegmentingandtagging

Segment recipients using filters, the custom fields you've created, and the tags you've added.

With a segmented subscriber base, its easy write more relevant content. And relevant content is what ultimately gets the sale.

Maildroppa application features - simple subscriber segmenting and tagging

Get straight to writing in yourstripped-down editor

Maildroppa's default editor looks just like the email editor in your inbox. It requires no learn time, it's just you, your thoughts, and the page.

Whether you're writing a newsletter to assist with marketing efforts, sales, or even just to keep yourself accountable, Maildroppa will help you get there faster.

Maildroppa application features - stripped down editor

Useadvanced analyticstoolsto write content people genuinely want to read

When growth is your goal, every bit of analytics data can help you understand how to make your content better and better over time.

  • Open and click-rate tracking
  • Delivery, bounce, and spam reports
  • Track engagement with dual pixels
  • Sign-up form analytics
  • Privacy first options
Maildroppa application features - advanced analytics tools

AutomationsMade Simple

Transform your email strategy with Maildroppa's seamless automations. Craft personalized journeys with drip campaigns, celebrate subscriber milestones, and engage with precision. Our intuitive automation builder lets you design impactful sequences effortlessly, ensuring each email is a step towards conversion.

  • Personalized Email Sequences: Tailor each message based on subscriber actions or milestones.
  • Effortless Engagement: Automate your way to higher open rates and deeper connections.
  • Intuitive Design: With our visual builder, creating complex automations is as simple as drag-and-drop.
Maildroppa application features - automations to create drip campaigns

How to get started

Start your newsletter in four simple steps. That's all it takes to begin to begin growing your audience.

Import your subscriber list

In Maildroppa, you can easily import an existing subscriber list using a .csv file. To perform more complex imports, our support staff are here to help.

Maildroppa application features - creating a newsletter, import subscribers

Create and embed your forms

First, add custom subscriber fields. Next, select popup, embeded, or slide-in form type. Lastly, customize your GDPR message and followup emails Now you're ready to add the form to your website using HTML or Javascript.

Send newsletters regularly

Use the editor to send your subscribers regular updates, promotions, or news. You can segment and tag users to send groups even more personalized information.

Measure, adjust, and watch your audience grow

With advance analytics for forms, email content, and better delivery rates, you can fine tune your newsletter to engage and attract subscribers.

Loved how easy it was to get started with Maildroppa

We knew we had to find a better way to grow our email list. But we didn't have time to learn a new tool so kept putting it off. We loved how easy it was to get started with Maildroppa. We could create beautiful signup forms in just a few clicks. Our email list tripled in a matter of weeks! Wish we'd got onto it sooner!

ANDREA LUKINSKYMarketing Director, Zepy Inc.

Now we set up email campaigns in 15 minutes max!

We always spent hours setting up email campaigns — every single time. On average, it took us 10 hours per campaign. With Maildroppa, it takes us 15 minutes max. That's time we now focus on growing our business!


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