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About Signup Forms

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Maildroppa provides three different ways for you to share signup forms with your customers:

  1. Javascript

  2. HTML

  3. Share

In this quick guide, we will explain these signup form options, so that you can decide what works best for you or your business.

1. JavaScript

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - signup forms, javascript tab

The JavaScript option is a mix of simplicity and customization, giving you more flexibility than the simple 'SHARE' link, but without the option to customize the form itself.

Just copy and paste the JavaScript into your source code, save, and upload it to the web.


Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - signup forms, HTML tab

The HTML code is the most powerful option for creating a newsletter signup form, but also the most technical. You can either use the entire code as it is, or as a starting point to design your form exactly how you want it to be.

If you do want to adjust the code, you will need to understand HTML coding and CSS styling instructions, but if you have somebody who looks after your company’s website, they should be able to handle this for you.

If you don’t know how to use this feature and don’t employ an IT specialist, but you still really want your own stylized subscription form, we’re also here to help you. As a special offer during the Beta phase, we’re offering a paid support service to help you produce the perfect form! Send us an email to find out more.

3. Share

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - signup forms, share tab

Using the sharing link is the easiest and fastest way to get your signup form out to your customer base.

All you need to do is to share the link for the form with your customers and they will be directed to our standard subscription form.

This option does not allow you to customize the form at all - we host it fully on Maildroppa, in its original format, but it means you don’t even need your own website to start building the readership of your newsletter.

After Signup

Maildroppa is a Double Opt-In service. When someone signs up using your subscription form, they are sent a follow-up email where they must click on a link to confirm their registration. This ensures that the customer has entered a valid email address.

Visit our tutorial About Your Subscribers to find out more about what happens once a customer has entered their details in your signup form.

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