Acceptable Use Policy

Maildroppa was designed as a business-to-business tool. To maintain the quality of our service offering and our high delivery rates, we safeguard the authenticity of our service in a number of ways. These include adhering to anti-spam anddata protectionregulations, as well as monitoring the use of Maildroppa’s accounts.

In line with ourTerms and Conditions, there are certain types of content, actions, and businesses that are not allowed on Maildroppa.

Account Approval

By signing up to a Maildroppa Free or Premium Plan, you agree to abide by our definitions of acceptable use. These include using our service solely for business purposes and providing us with accurate, up-to-date personal and contact details.

You also agree that Maildroppa has the right to review your account and reject or terminate your subscription if we find abusive or unacceptable behaviour linked to your account.

Inappropriate or Harmful Actions and Content

We reserve the right to immediately terminate any account at any time if we find any evidence of inappropriate actions or content. No refund will be provided, you will be blocked from signing up for another Maildroppa account, and the ability to export any account details and information will be at Maildroppa’s sole discretion.

There are a wide range of actions and content that can be considered as inappropriate. These may include (but are not limited to) the following:

Violations of ourTerms and Conditions, and/or ourAnti-Spam Policies, or non-compliance with EuropeanGDPRregulations, the U.S.CAN-SPAM Act, or any other relevant/applicabledata protectionlegislation.

Maildroppa will not tolerate users sharing content or sending emails advocating, calling for, or related to any sort of illegal activity, terrorism, violence, hate speech, exploitation of children, discrimination, violations of the rights of others, or fraud.

We also prohibit insulting and/or threatening messages, and other anti-social behaviour like plagiarism, data mining, subscriber lists that are paid for rather being generated by your own business, any marketing that is not based on oursignup form buildersystem, sending files containing computer viruses, and deceptive or damaging marketing tactics like affiliate marketing and pyramid schemes.

Restricted Industries

There are various industries and activities that we do not consider to be in line with our professional image and that are also often flagged as abusive by users. If organizations of this kind sign up for a Maildroppa Free Plan or purchase a Premium Plan it will also result in the account being cancelled with no refund.

These industries include pornography, other “adult” services, and escort agencies; online casinos and other forms of gambling; cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange services; weapons and war memorabilia; drug paraphernalia, cannabis products and CBD oils; weight-loss programs, pharmaceuticals and supplements; and moneylending or debt relief services.

Please note: this list is intended as a reference guide only. Users should always also use personal judgement, as there may be other content or activity that can be considered as inappropriate or harmful to others.

Maildroppa reserves the right to decide whether or not your actions are inappropriate and to terminate your account immediately, with no refund, if we feel you are acting in bad faith or producing or sharing content that is not in line with our reputation.

If you are unsure whether your business meets our standards of acceptable use, please contact us before signing up to check whether you are allowed to use our service.

Account Reputation

As well as monitoring accounts for inappropriate content, we also reserve the right to review youremail report statisticsto determine whether the account is being managed appropriately.

If we feel that you are mismanaging your account, we may review it in more detail, possibly resulting in account suspension or closure. Any account closed for this reason will not be refunded. The ability to export any account details and information will be at Maildroppa’s sole discretion.

Customer Permissions

Maildroppa works on a permission-only basis when sending out marketing emails. Maildroppa’s double opt-in signup ensures that subscribers joining via our signup forms have given this permission. If youadd individual subscribers, you are required to confirm that you have been given permission from your subscribers to do so. You do this by checking the box next to Yes, I have permission from the email user.

Screenshot of Maildroppa application - 'Add a new subscriber' modal opened

Reporting Abuse or Inappropriate Conduct

If you are aware of any inappropriate content hosted by or sent via Maildroppa’s delivery service,please report it to us immediately.