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Email marketing that drives business growth. Simply.

What was your vision when you started your business?
Marcus Biel, Maildroppa Founder and CEO
Marcus Biel Maildroppa Founder and CEO

I bet you didn't dream of spending hours chained to your computer figuring out signup forms, managing email lists, and pounding out client emails. "Is it worth it?" you ask yourself, "are my emails getting read, or even seen?". But you keep at it because email marketing is "key" for growing your business.

It doesn’t have to be like that! Email marketing IS powerful — it’s a tremendous thrill to see your subscriber list grow and customer engagement soar! Sure, it takes effort, but it doesn’t have to be extremely tedious or time consuming.

It should be easy (and enjoyable!) to design attractive signup forms, customer-winning emails, and strategic sequences that drive business growth. And you need not spend hours learning a new tool or have any special tech ability.

Sounds like a dream? It was mine when I created Maildroppa. I wanted to use my creativity and skills to help other business owners... execute effective email marketing and it’s a dream that’s becoming a reality.

A small team with a big mission: an easy and effective email marketing tool

When I bootstrapped my business in 2015, building an email list was one of my first tasks. So I signed up for a newsletter service. They immediately gave me a lengthy task list to complete before I could get started:

The task list that newsletter service provider gave me:

  • Create a signup form
  • Connect it to the website
  • Set up the email list
  • Set up a confirmation email
  • Set up a welcome email
  • Set up a newsletter campaign
… and so on!

It should’ve been simple! Instead, it was a long, complex process

After all that, I discovered many of my emails were ending up in spam folders anyway! “There must be a better way, right?” I thought. I’m an executive member of the Java community process (JCP) and was named Developer Champion by Oracle in 2019. I was also rated #13 of the world’s top Java influencers by Jaxenter magazine in 2017. In short, I’m a tech geek. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Marcus Biel, JAVA community process executive committee member
#13 jaxenter complany logo

of the world’s top Java influencers by Jaxenter magazine in 2017

99% inbox delivery rate

Out of frustration with the tools out there (and a bit of spite), I created my own email marketing tool. It wasn’t flash, but it was easy-to-use and effective. The results surprised even me! Using the first version of my tool, I quickly built an email list of 14,000. I also achieved a 99% inbox delivery rate compared to the 30-50% I’d seen with other email marketing services.

99% inbox delivery rate

I knew I was onto something good! So I began developing it into a tool to help both new and seasoned entrepreneurs achieve more effective email marketing in less time and with less frustration. Maildroppa was born!

Our vision: genuine value

I’ve built a small team who understand my vision of providing no-nonsense, genuine value to small business owners. We’re working on developing Maildroppa into a polished product packed full of useful features for business owners, and I’m delighted about the high-quality tool it’s turning into. Check out our how-to pages to see what’s coming!

Special offer: beta version (limited-time release)

In the meantime, the initial version — that tool that got me 14k subscribers — is still serving me well. I realized this beta version could also help other business owners, so I’ve decided to release it to the world at a ridiculously low price!

But you’ll want to get in quick; as soon as the full version is ready, the beta offer will disappear! Check out our offer here. We also offer a free version supporting up to 100 subscribers, so you can try out Maildroppa risk-free!

Screenshot of beta version of Maildroppa app

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