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All Articles Checklist to ease your email anxiety

Checklist to ease your email anxiety

A checklist for an email marketing campaign.

Email anxiety is very real for a lot of people. We feel anxious with our personal emails and this feeling only intensifies when it concerns our job. The anxiety is not necessarily baseless though. There is so much that could go wrong with marketing emails. And when it actually affects our job and performance, of course, the stakes are much higher. There is no cure to make the anxiety go away, but there is a way to manage it better.

Luckily, for every little thing that could go wrong, there is a solution that could make it easier for you to trust yourself.

One of the main anxiety-inducing fears is having typos in your emails. This is one of the worst things that could happen to your marketing email because it sends an entirely wrong message to your subscriber. It makes the email seem haphazard and the company seem careless. Typos in your email could make your subscribers think that they are dealing with unqualified people.

While the first thing you can do is to use a spell checker tool, consider getting a proofreader as well. When you’ve spent hours creating a body of text, you might miss some typos, while to a stranger’s eye they stand out more.

Another nightmare for every email marketer is your email not rendering correctly. We spend so much time perfecting the setup of our email only to risk it not showing up in your client’s inboxes.

What makes it even worse is that if you include crucial information in the image and do not put it in text, you risk misleading your client or leaving them with more questions than they had before they opened up your email.

The solution to this would be to send out a test batch before you send the email to your clients to avoid this mishap. The same solution can be used to test for the possible broken links as well.

Any mistake with your personalization could influence your subscribers negatively. While your clients probably know that you are not crafting each and every email separately, when they see Hi {$Name}, it decreases the chances of engagement. The way to avoid that is by checking your email list, specifically the name field. If the name field is blank, fill it out manually.

Another major reason for email anxiety is not knowing how your subscribers will react to your emails. But then again no one does. In email marketing, we have a lot of tips on how to get started, what to consider and how to connect with the customer. But knowing your customer base well enough only comes from experience.

With any successful email marketing campaign, there is trial and error. You test the grounds and then, you improve depending on the feedback. This is how successful companies approach their marketing.

There is a lot to be nervous about when sending a bulk email. You want to make the best impression and you want to get engagement. This checklist will help you to ease some of that stress, making sure that you don’t forget to double-check any of the crucial parts of your marketing email.