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All Articles How to find a great idea for your info product

How to find a great idea for your info product

How to find a great idea for your info product

Info products are just one of many types of products in the startup community but creating a great info product can put you on the radar for thousands of users in a very short time.

Info products are packaged with useful knowledge and delivered in a way that consumers can digest and understand easily. Info products can take many different forms including videos, texts, audio, graphics, etc.

The good thing about creating an info product is that there is always an audience for it, but with the oversaturated info product market, landing a great idea is not that simple. Here’s how to approach your info product and find the best use for your time and skills to fuel your startup.

Start with yourself. What skills have you acquired over the years that can help other people to deal with the same issues with more ease? Have you had any unique experiences that people might find interesting or insightful? Can you help others achieve what you have already accomplished? And keep in mind that this even applies to the skills you might think are universal - there’s probably the audience for that as well.

So take a hard look at what you’ve accomplished and learned over the years, combine your unique experiences and consider putting them into an info product. Whether you choose to make videos, create eBooks or audio recordings is up to you, but it makes sense to go with the medium you feel most comfortable with.

Another route you can take is also tied to your experiences - but this time as a client. What is lacking or could use some improvements in the info products already available? Doing something based on your personal experiences is always better than going off of someone else’s script or a need. If you think that some particular info products could really enrich the existing online resources for that category, go for it.

On the other hand, you can always ask other people about their experiences and learn from them. What do most users feel is missing and could improve in existing online content? Obviously, this is tied to some extra work involving other people. You can do a quick survey on your own or read some already existing forums or blogs describing the existing informational gaps in the sphere of your interest.

These basic approaches will help you brainstorm that idea for the info-product that will actually be useful for others.