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All Articles How to find a great idea for your SaaS

How to find a great idea for your SaaS

How to find a great idea for your SaaS

Don't force yourself to find the most innovative idea ever. Every invention is basically an improvement of an existing idea. Copying other ideas is fine.

Great SaaS products have simplified the experience of millions of users but there are still a lot of unexplored territories here. Coming up with a Saas is often a daunting task but here are a couple of ways to approach the brainstorming process that might help to take the pressure off and make some actual progress.

Firstly, don’t force yourself to come up with the most innovative idea. While it would be great to invent a solution that will completely transform the Saas world, try thinking on a smaller scale, and we mean that in the best way possible.

Don’t underestimate the importance and impact of small but meaningful services and upgrades. Try thinking about your own experience as a user. What could make it even better? Or more enjoyable, easier to understand or find, etc.

Even the smallest changes can often make or break the product, so start thinking on a smaller scale. It does not have to be revolutionary to be successful or useful.

Now, every idea is basically an improvement of an already existing idea. Rarely, if ever, is an idea completely new from start to finish. Most innovations build on previous findings and improve them, so do not shy away from relying on existing data and services, as that’s what most entrepreneurs do anyway.

Dedicate some time to research the already existing products, see if you can improve them in a certain way, or add an additional value to them by offering unique services, formats, etc.

When trying to come up with a new idea, it can get overwhelming if you find yourself trying to do it completely on your own, without any references to those who have already contributed. That is a mistake. There is a lot to be learned from others’ works, and there is always room for improvement and innovation within the existing products and ideas. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with using this knowledge to create a SaaS of your own.

You can take an idea and turn it around, take it to the next level and eventually make the clients happier and more satisfied with the product. Accept the fact that none of the currently popular SaaSs are completely unique, they are always connected to existing ideas and inventions, but they are still considered successful because they managed to bring something new to the table.