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All Articles What's new with email marketing?

What's new with email marketing?

What's new with email marketing?

Over the last year, email marketing has reinvented itself. While it was always one of the top ways to market products and connect with customers, this year has shown us the real power and influence of email marketing.

Going online forced businesses and entrepreneurs to maintain relationships with their clients in different ways and email proved to be the perfect fix.

People were using email way more in 2020 than in the previous years. This created a whole new pool of people who were previously neglecting newsletters and emails. The past year has proven them wrong.

Emails are a go-to marketing tool for businesses and the fact that email marketing has the highest ROI still stands. Here are some tips based on recent trends in email marketing to consider in your future emails.

The industry standards are changing. While we are mostly used to professional-looking emails that go by the book, over the last year we’ve seen that people are no longer entertained by the flat emails. They want something personal and authentic to the brand. Your subscribers will appreciate you being open and personable in your emails. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you can only succeed by following the rules.

A trend that we see a lot with bigger companies is the increased role of the clients and subscribers in marketing emails. The brand might be writing about their clients’ experiences or incorporating them in their newsletters through pictures. To increase the effectiveness of your marketing emails, apply the same strategy to your newsletter. Choose a format that best fits your brand. Making your clients a part of your newsletter will keep them more engaged and will encourage others to interact more with your newsletters. It will also add that layer of authenticity to it.

The power of the newsletters is finally being acknowledged by the community. You might have fallen under the trap of thinking that they were a thing of the past. “Who needs a newsletter when you can look up everything you want?” - That is actually part of the reason why newsletters are making a comeback. People want a condensed version of updates on topics they are interested in, in this case, your brand and product. They also appreciate the personalized touches that the newsletter allows for.

In addition to personalized touches, newsletters generate higher engagement levels when you allow your subscribers to contribute. Surveys and asking for feedback work extremely well for that. So try testing out an interactive email with your subscribers on your next newsletter.

And lastly, consider offering the option of priced subscriptions to your clients. If you have a good reputation, people are willing to pay for the newsletters to ensure that they’re getting high-quality updates. These days you can even take it to the next level by introducing ads to your newsletters. Basically, newsletters are now in their own realm and can generate income all by themselves.

The general takeaway is, people appreciate when they can be a part of your company and when they feel like the brand cares about the customers. Just listing your services is no longer going to get you far. So make sure you don’t stay behind by following these tips.