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Exporting subscribers from your account

Abstraction - PC with subscriber info being exported

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to download your subscribers, this detailed support page will take you through the process step-by-step to ensure that you can quickly and easily export subscribers from the Maildroppa app.

Getting started

Maildroppa’s subscriber export feature allows you to export your whole subscriber list or select specific subscribers to download. It makes sense to create an offline backup of your subscriber list, or maybe you have decided to switch to another service provider and want to take your subscriber list with you.

The list will be exported as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. This file type is favored by many platforms because it removes formatting that causes complications and can lead to errors.

Exporting your subscribers

After signing into your Maildroppa account homepage, it only takes a few simple steps to export subscribers from your account, depending on whether you want to export your entire subscriber list or specific subscribers.

Once you have logged into Maildroppa, click on Subscribers in the left-hand menu tab to bring up the page where you manage your subscribers.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers page

Export all / individual subscribers

Clicking on the Bulk Actions button will bring up a dropdown menu. To export your whole subscriber list, simply click on Export All.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers page, bulk actions

If, on the other hand, you only want to export some of your subscribers, you can select them individually by checking the boxes next to their details and then clicking on Export Selected from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers page, export selected subscribers

Export specific subscriber types

You might also want to export certain categories of subscribers. Maybe you’re only interested in having a list of your active subscribers, or maybe you want to keep a record of customers who have unsubscribed from your list.

To view the types of subscribers, go to the dropdown menu to show the different options:

  • All Subscribers

  • Pending Subscribers

  • Active Subscribers

  • Unsubscribed Subscribers

  • Blocked Subscribers

  • Bounced Subscribers

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers page, display filters enabled

You will now see a list of subscribers for whichever option you chose. Check the box Next to Email to select all subscribers in this list or select individual subscribers by checking the boxes next to their email addresses, then go to the Bulk Actions dropdown menu and click on Export Selected.

Exported Subscribers

You will now be presented with the following message as we process and export your subscriber list:

First of all, Maildroppa is a Double Opt-In service. This means that when someone signs up on your subscription form, they are sent a follow-up email; in this email they need to click on a link to confirm their registration (the second and crucial part of the Double Opt-In).

Screenshot of the Maildroppa app - subscribers export in progress