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Affiliate Partner Program

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The Maildroppa Affiliate Partner Program lets you earn a commission of 30% for 24 months for every person who signs up with Maildroppa through your unique affiliate link, and becomes a paying customer. We use Stripe, a trusted payment provider, to pay out commissions, so make sure Stripe is supported in your country before signing up.

How to register as a Maildroppa Partner

To register as a Maildroppa Partner, first, sign up for a free Maildroppa account. Once logged in, click on Settings in the left menu and then on Affiliate. Click Register and start earning on the affiliate welcome page to begin.

Steps to register with Maildroppa's affiliate partner program and start earning money. Enter your billing address on the next page to enable us to issue credit invoices when we pay out your commissions.

Billing details form for affiliate registration with Maildroppa.

Click Next to proceed.

A detailed form for affiliate registration on Maildroppa, requiring both personal and business information.

The registration form helps us review your application. You should have an audience that requires a powerful and affordable email marketing tool like Maildroppa to make the partnership successful. Fill out all details, agree to our Affiliate Terms and Conditions, and click on Submit Application.

A ticked checkbox agreeing to Maildroppa's affiliate terms.

A confirmation screen showing that a submission to the affiliate program was successful.

A message showing that the application to Maildroppa's affiliate program is pending.

As soon as we have reviewed your application, we will inform you by email.

A message requesting additional information for the affiliate program application. Now log back into the Maildroppa app and go to the affiliate page.

A notification requesting additional information in order to process the commission payment. The next step is to register with our payment provider Stripe, so that we can pay out the commission to you. To do this, click on Provide Payment Details and follow the instructions from Stripe. They will ask for some personal details as well as the details of your bank account, for the payout.

A screen showing that Maildroppa uses Stripe for payments and requesting an email address.

Finally, click on Agree & Submit.

A button to agree and submit.

You will now be redirected back to the Maildroppa App.

As soon as your application status reaches PAYOUT_ENABLED, your Maildroppa Affiliate Program partnership is active. Share your personal affiliate link with your target audience, for example on your website, in your newsletter and on social media. The more you promote Maildroppa to your audience, the more chance you have to earn more commission.

An affiliate link that can be shared to earn 30% commission on referrals.

Below your affiliate link, you will now find a purple Go to Stripe Dashboard button. Click this button to get an overview of all your commission payouts directly from our partner Stripe. You will be redirected to Stripe and asked to log in first.

A verification screen on Stripe requesting a 6 digit code to be entered.

On the Stripe Dashboard, you can see all your transactions at a glance.

A Stripe dashboard with an overview of total earnings and transactions. At a later stage, once your payouts have reached a certain threshold, or if there have been any policy changes, Stripe may need more information from you. At this point, Stripe will pause further payouts until you have provided the required information. We will inform you by email immediately, should this ever happen. Maildroppa will continue to credit you with your ongoing commissions, and payouts will resume once your account has been updated with the necessary information (except in the case where our terms and conditions have been violated).

Affiliate Report

The Affiliate Report displays how many people have viewed the Maildroppa App Signup Form per day. If you hover over a specific day with your mouse, you will see the number of signups and cancellations for the selected day.

Below the report, you can also see your lifetime totals, including how many signup views your customers have generated with your affiliate code in total, your signup rate, conversion to paid rate, and churn rate.

An affiliate report graph showing metrics like total signups, signup rate, conversion rate, and churn rate.

Affiliate Commissions

Below the Affiliate Report is a list of commissions connected to your affiliate link. Here's a description of the columns in the list:


The Date column refers to the date when the person who signed up for Maildroppa using your affiliate link paid for their subscription.


The Amount column shows the commission amount that we'll pay out to you. Please note that VAT is not included in this amount. If your total commission is paid out, VAT may be added. You can see this on your commission invoice.


The Status column indicates the payment status of each commission.

Possible values are:

PENDING — the payment hasn't been made yet.

PAID — the payment has already been made.

CANCELLED — the payment has been canceled.

Service Period

The Service Period column shows the subscription period for which the referred customer paid. For monthly subscriptions, this is also the period during which the referred customer can request a refund, if necessary.


The Type column shows the type of payout. Possible values are commission and refund. If the customer referred by you receives a full or partial refund, we list this as refund. This amount will then be deducted from the total commission amount that we pay out to you.

Referral ID

The Referral ID column shows a unique identifier assigned to each customer who signs up for Maildroppa using your affiliate link. This ID helps you track the commissions for each referred customer.

Payout Date

The Payout Date column shows the date on which we initiated the payout to you via our payment provider Stripe.

A table displaying affiliate commission details including the payout date.

Payout Procedure

The payout procedure for our affiliate program is as follows:

We pay out your accumulated commissions on the first day of each month. We take into consideration all subscription fees for which the refund deadline of one month has passed when we pay out your commissions.

This means, for example, that a commission we assigned to you on March 31 will be sent to Stripe for payment on May 1.

This ensures that you receive the correct amount of commission, without the need for us to reclaim any commissions in the future if the customer receives a credit note from us.

Depending on your country, it will then take a few days for the money to be credited to your bank account.

For example, Stripe states 2 business days for a bank account in the USA, and 7 business days for an account in Thailand.

For your first payout, they state a duration of the transfer to your bank account of 7-14 days. Learn more about when and how you can receive payments from Stripe to your bank account here.

If your Stripe Connect account is not active at the time of payout, i.e. on the first calendar day of the month, your payout will be postponed to the next month. As long as you are our affiliate partner (not rejected and in good standing according to our terms and conditions), you will not lose any payments.

Let's illustrate this with an example.

  1. You start as an affiliate partner of Maildroppa on December 20.

  2. Your first customer you referred to Maildroppa (Customer 1) purchases a paid subscription at $5 per month on January 1.

  3. On February 15, another customer you referred (Customer 2) purchases a subscription at $125 per month.

  4. On February 28, Customer 1 asks for a full refund of his subscription price of $5 per month.

  5. On March 31, a third customer you referred to Maildroppa (Customer 3) purchases a subscription at $960 per month.

  6. On April 25, you receive an email from us informing you that Stripe has paused your account because they need more personal information from you for legal reasons. You log into your Stripe Connect account and provide the missing information on April 28.

  7. Your business is located in Germany, so VAT will be added for any credits sent to you.

Payout 1: January 1st

You will not receive a payout because you have not yet referred any paying customers to Maildroppa.

Payout 2: February 1st

You have a pending commission for Customer 1, but they are still eligible for a refund. Therefore, you will not receive a payout.

Payout 3: March 1st

The deadline for a refund from customer 1 has passed. You will receive a 30% commission on the $5 subscription fee.

We instruct Stripe to transfer $1.50 commission plus 19% VAT to your bank account. You will receive $1.79 in your bank account. Since this is your first payment through Stripe Connect, it will take 14 days for the payment to be credited to your account. On March 14, the amount is credited to your bank account. Under Invoices you will receive a credit invoice for your tax return.

Payout 4: April 1st

Customer 1 had asked for a refund of his subscription price and cancelled. Therefore, you will no longer receive a commission for this customer. The deadline for a refund from customer 2 has expired. You will receive a 30% commission on the $125 subscription fee.

We instruct Stripe to transfer $37.50 commission plus 19% VAT to your bank account. You will receive $44.63 in your bank account. Since your bank account is located in Germany, it will take 3 business days for the amount to reach your account. Therefore, the amount is credited to your bank account on April 3. You will receive a credit invoice for your tax return for each affiliate payout.

Payout 5: May 1st

The payout to your Stripe Connect account was paused for a short period of time. However, this does not affect you in any way, as you were able to provide the required information in a timely manner and your account was already reactivated as of April 28.

The deadline for a refund for customer 2 and 3 has expired. You will receive a 30% commission over the subscription fees of $125 and $960 ($1085 in total).

We instruct Stripe to transfer $325,50 commission (plus 19% VAT) to your bank account, $387.35 in total. Since May 1 is a holiday in Germany, the amount is credited to your bank account on May 4. You will receive a credit invoice for your tax return for each affiliate payout.

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