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Guides and Tutorials Managing Your User Profile

Managing Your User Profile

The User Profile allows you to adjust your profile email, password and name, as well as your preferred locale and timezone.

Profile Email

The profile email is the email address that you use to log into your Maildroppa account. Also, this is the address that we will use to contact you. To change your profile email, we will send you a confirmation email to your new email address to avoid that you loose access to the Maildroppa App due to a small typo.

Maildroppa user profile with a popup for changing an email address.

Profile Password

To ensure the security of your account, we use the OAuth 2.0 standard for authentication when you log in to the Maildroppa app. As part of this process, we will send you a password reset email when you need to change your password, rather than allowing you to make the change directly within the app. This is in line with industry best practices for secure password management.

Maildroppa user profile with a popup for changing a password.


Setting the locale affects how time, number and monetary amounts are displayed in the app.

User profile details with a drop-down menu to change location.

Whenever possible, we display times and dates according to the time zone you have selected in your user profile. Contract-relevant dates however are always displayed uniformly in UTC date format, followed by the time zone abbreviation “UTC” to avoid any confusion.


To avoid any confusion, we include the time zone abbreviation "UTC" after the date or time in this case.

User profile with a drop-down menu to change timezone based on location.

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