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Newsletter analytics: effective, accurate, easy to understand

It's really difficult to understand your customers without any analytics. We offer precious analytical metrics for each newsletter you send out: Email Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click Rate, Bounces details, and much more!

Let us provide you with accurate data to make the correct decisions!
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Email data: how are your emails performing?

On the Newsletter Analytics page, we give you a quick overview of your emails’ success. Here you can view and compare various statistics. Which emails have performed the best? Are there any trends? What types of content get subscribers to take action?

Use the data to improve on every email you send out.

Growth list data: understand your audience

The foundation for email marketing success is your all-important email subscriber list. A growing list means more opportunities to market your brand. You need to know your audience and how it’s growing, so you can strategize effectively.

Review our real-time statistics to get insights about your subscriber list. Get excited as you watch your list grow!

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As my business grew, I noticed I was wasting more and more time on admin instead of the aspects of business I love — strategy and product development. Maildroppa’s simple list management tools let me get back to that!

Mirza Lačević Digital Marketing Expert