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How to apologize for mistakes in your email

How to apologize for mistakes in your email

Email marketing requires a lot of effort. There are so many fine details to think about that it’s easy to make small mistakes and it actually happens all the time. Making a mistake does not necessarily mean that the company is unprofessional. Even the biggest companies make mistakes sometimes but what makes all the difference is taking accountability. There’s a lot that can go wrong, your email can have typos, or your personalization might get messed up, your emails could miss attachments that you advertised in your email text. While we would definitely advise against encouraging mistakes in your emails, it’s inevitable and you should know how to address it when it happens. Here are four rules to keep in mind when dealing with your mistakes in marketing emails.

Acknowledge it instead of ignoring it

While a small typo does not necessarily need a follow-up apology email, if you know that your mistake was definitely noticeable or could have misled some of your customers, instead of trying to hide it, acknowledge it head-on. Mistakes happen, after all, it was a human who wrote that email. Address the mistake and mention the topic in the subject line. Own up to your mistakes as soon as you can. This could even win you more respect with your subscribers.

Offer them an apology gift or some sort of a discount

If your mistake was regarding something substantial, consider giving your subscriber a little gift. It does not have to be anything massive, but it should be just enough to make up for the mistake and make your subscribers feel appreciated. You could offer them a discount on one of your products, or exclusive access to some of your content. Whatever fits your company best. Your subscribers will definitely appreciate it, plus it will be good for your company and engagement.

Try Using Humor

Unless your mistake has had some serious consequences, don't be afraid to make light of the situation. This is the best way to break the awkwardness and seem even more likable to your subscribers. Of course, it has to be tasteful and professional. Owning up to your mistakes doesn’t always have to be serious. Use humor to your advantage and win subscribers over with your wit.


When you’ve made a mistake and are trying to make up for it don’t forget to personalize the email. On a side note, one of the most common mistakes in email marketing has to do with personalization. Sometimes it's the system, other times it’s people not putting down their names during opt-in. Either way, when you mess up, your apology emails should feel extra personal and it’s not just about including their name. While you don’t know your subscribers personally, you should have a general idea of who they are as people. After all, they have your newsletter in common. Make it personal and make your apology count. This is how you minimize the effects of making a mistake in the marketing email.