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Build relationships with engaging emails

Creating content for email newsletters can suck up a lot of time for small business owners. But content is power, and effective emails will not only be seen and read, but convert. Maildroppa’s design tools are intuitive, and can turn your ideas into relationship-building emails in no time. We also provide reliable analytics so you can learn and adjust as you go.

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Maildroppa app feature - emails

Designing emails

Creating an email in Maildroppa is just like creating a document in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. To get started, click on the Newsletter tab and Create a Newsletter button. Select from our range of email layouts, and then create a title, draft and format your text, and insert pictures and videos.

Maildroppa app feature - emails

Preview before sending

After you’re done, give it a test run before sending. Download it, view it online, or send a test email to yourself to make sure it looks just how you imagined. If you want to review it later, click to save it in Drafts.

Maildroppa app feature - emails

Get better email marketing results

Sent emails are stored in History. Here you can see data that shows you the success of your emails at a glance. Click on the title to see an email’s 24-hour performance. As shown here, activity peaks within a few hours after sending, and then tapers off. You can see open rates, click-rates, and other data to assess each email’s success. This let’s you learn what your subscribers like best and make adjustments.

Maildroppa app feature - emails

I appreciate how easy it is to design emails on Maildroppa. I really didn’t have to learn anything new — it was all intuitive. I’ve seen way more repeat customers as well, so my customers must like my emails.

Richard Hauswald CEO, QuantumMaid