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Take subscribers on a journey with automated email playlists

The magic of email marketing is in tailoring content to individual customers. Instead of sending out bulk emails to everyone on your list, you can give your subscribers the right content just when they need it.

The best part is, it’s all automated! You decide the strategic journey you want to take customers on, and we’ll do the rest.
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Creating playlists

Creating an email playlist is simple — it’s just like making a playlist in Spotify or iTunes!

Head to the Playlist tab and click “Create a playlist” From there, create or add the emails you want to appear in your playlist. Choose when you want each email to be sent and you’re done! In this example the email will be sent one week after the previous email in the playlist.

You can make playlists for different purposes based on your customers’ needs. Use a playlist to welcome new subscribers, deliver a series of classes, or occasionally connect with less active subscribers with surprise content or freebies.

Maildroppa app feature - playlists, create playlist

Playlist performance

Just like with forms and emails, you’ll want to monitor each playlist to see how it’s performing.

In the Playlists tab, you can see how many emails have been sent within each active playlist, as well as the Open Rate and Click-Through Rate.

You can also review Draft Playlists. Click on the title to view, edit, or trash the playlist.

Maildroppa app feature - playlists, playlist performance

I appreciate how easy it is to design emails on Maildroppa. I really didn’t have to learn anything new — it was all intuitive. I’ve seen way more repeat customers as well, so my customers must like my emails.

Richard Hauswald CEO, QuantumMaid

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