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Marketing Permissions

Maildroppa Marketing Permissions

The Marketing Permissions page helps you manage the data processing agreement for your registration forms. This allows you to customize your signup form to comply with applicable data protection laws such as the GDPR.

Managing the data processing agreement

By default, the agreement reads:

Yes, I want to subscribe to the free newsletter and have it sent to the e-mail address given to stay up to date on the latest trends. I can unsubscribe from the service in any of the newsletters at any time. I also agree that my data may be used for direct advertising and contact initiation in connection with the products and services offered. I can revoke this consent any time. We use Maildroppa as a service provider for sending mailings. By signing up for our newsletter(s), you agree that the information you enter will be transmitted and stored securely by Maildroppa. Please consult the Data Protection Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Maildroppa.

Please note that this text is intended only as a first rough guide. In order for the agreement to comply with applicable data protection regulations such as the GDPR, you must inform your customers what data you store, where, for what purpose, and for how long. You also need to inform your subscribers in advance that they can terminate this agreement at any time. We have summarized more information about the GDPR for you here. For a legally valid and binding statement, please contact your lawyer.

Agreement Text Editor

The Agreement Text Editor allows you to customize the data processing agreement to your individual requirements.

Maildroppa Marketing Permissions Text Editor


Under Settings you can choose whether the data processing agreement should never or always be displayed or should only be displayed to subscribers from the EU, UK and Switzerland.

Maildroppa Marketing Permissions Settings

With Save Changes you can save your changes to the Marketing Permissions. With Reset you can reset the settings back to the default.

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