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Postal Address

When sending newsletter campaigns through Maildroppa, it is necessary to provide a valid postal address. This information will appear in the footer of each of your newsletter campaigns, ensuring compliance with the GDPR regulations.

When you send out your first newsletter campaign, a form will appear, asking for your postal address to continue sending.

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As stated in our Terms and Conditions, the address may be subject to verification at any time. Please note that, should you provide false information, we may cancel your account immediately. This is one of the necessary steps to ensure the high delivery rate that Maildroppa provides for all its customers.

The postal address will appear in the footer of all your newsletter campaigns. You can update the address at any time in Maildroppa's settings.

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If you already have a paid Maildroppa plan, you have the option to overwrite your billing address with the updated postal address by checking the "Use for Billing" box.

A change to your billing address will be reflected on your next invoice, including any updates to the VAT calculation based on the country you have specified.

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