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Simple answers to good questions

  • You don't. And the reason why is a bit counter-intuitive. We give ALL users the full capabilities of Maildroppa right off the bat. So you're not limited by crazy high paywalls right when you have the least bandwidth to spend. Because we only charge per subscriber, we're just as committed to your growth as you are.

  • As delivery rate also depends on the quality of your list which is out of our control, we can't guarantee it. However we can say that if all your subscribers opted in, you should see a delivery rate of at least 97%. If you're seeing lower, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

  • In a nutshell, adhering to GDPR means that you tell people what data you collect, how long you store it for, and why you store it. You have to provide this data upfront BEFORE you store it. That's why Maildroppa includes it clearly in a two step form and sends a follow up confirmation email.

    GDPR laws only apply to citizens in the EU, but it's generally best to notify all your subscribers of your policy as other countries have similar laws under different acronyms.

  • Yup, you're in the right place. Maildroppa will always track delivery rate as it's required by Gmail, Outlook and others. On the optional tracking, we include two tracking pixels and redirect links in our emails to provide reporting. You can simply toggle those off in your settings.

    Our policy is to only store date that's necessary for a functioning service. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • We'll notify you when you've reached 95% of your quota of subscribers. If you don't upgrade, then your sign-up forms will be temporarily hidden to protect you and your subscribers from a bad user experience. They forms will be reactivated once you've upgraded.

  • In the free version of Maildroppa, you have full use of all the features so feel free to give them a test drive. However if you need to start with a larger number of subscribers, we're happy to refund you in full if you request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

  • Designed for?
  • GDPR Compliance by default?
  • Turn off all tracking
  • All feature available on free plan?
  • Average deliverability rate
  • Cost for 3000 subscribers
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99% 86% 93% 74%
$14 $59 $66 $29.99
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Now we set up email campaigns in 15 minutes max!

We always spent hours setting up email campaigns — every single time. On average, it took us 10 hours per campaign. With Maildroppa, it takes us 15 minutes max. That's time we now focus on growing our business!

Richard Hauswald CEO, QuantumMaid