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How to optimize your landing page

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most efficient ways to bring more traffic to your website naturally. Since your landing page is one of the main building blocks for your whole startup, it has to be properly optimized.

If you aren’t sure why you need to optimize your landing page, consider this - If your landing page has great SEO, it means that Google will place your website higher when people search for the product or a question related to your website.

This is a natural way to bring more attention to your website, and what page do you want your new users to visit the most? The landing page. Optimizing your landing page to meet the current standards can bring a lot of new customers to you and it costs a fraction of the price of paid ads on Google. Here’s a breakdown of all the ways you can start optimizing your landing page.

The first step in any kind of optimization process is doing keyword research. You can do it manually or use the software of your choosing. Try to come up with different ways that your target audience would be searching for what you want to offer them. Incorporate the suggestions that will appear in your search bar, as well as the related searches displayed at the bottom of the Google search page. Another way to gather some related keywords is by using a website that will give you the searches related to your main keywords.

You can enrich your keyword research by studying your competitors. If there is a well-established website that works in the same industry or has a similar product, look at which keywords they use to get some additional ideas for your landing page and to ensure that you can compete against them in the first place.

When you’ve done your research and have a list of keywords, incorporate them through image alt text and headings as well as the main body of the text, anchor links, metadata, and meta descriptions.

Besides the keywords, you should also be using backlinks to rank higher. When Google sees good quality websites linking to your content, your website will appear higher on the search page. In this case, the reputation of the websites that link to your content count, so focus on quality instead of quantity.

Another factor that will influence your ranking is your landing page’s loading speed. Google has its very own tool to analyze your websites’ speed if you haven’t done that already. When your loading speed is high, it increases your bounce rates which hurts your client’s user experience and your website’s reputation.

And remember that this concerns mobile users as well as desktop users. 63% of Google’s US organic traffic originates from mobile devices, so don't underestimate the importance of optimizing your pages to be mobile-friendly.

These are the general tips for you to start working on your landing page optimization but remember that even after you’ve done all this, you will still need to do the maintenance from time to time to keep up with the current standards. What is consistently taken into account though, is the quality of your content and your website’s reputation.

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