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Guides and Tutorials Managing Your Subscribers

Managing Your Subscribers

Subscriber Report

The Subscriber Report consists of two tabs. By default, you will see the Subscriber Total report which shows you how your subscriber list is steadily growing.

The Subscriber Growth report shows you the growth rate your selected list is experiencing.

You can choose the granularity of either report by using the "Group by" drop-down list located on the right above the report. Using this menu, you can choose whether the numbers should be summed up on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Next to it, you can select the time period for which the report should be displayed.

The earliest possible start time you can view is the day you registered with Maildroppa, and the latest possible end time is the current day - we can't look into the crystal ball for you! ;)

Please note: Each report is customized for you and based on your personal settings from your user profile. For example, in some countries the start of the week falls on Sunday, and in other countries on Monday. The locale you choose in the User Profile thus determines whether we group your weekly data from Monday to Sunday or from Sunday to Saturday.

Below the Subscriber Report view there is a search field on the left side. This allows you to search your subscriber list by Email and Firstname and thus filter the displayed list by the term you are looking for.

Adding Subscribers

On the right side you have the option to add one or more subscribers to your list.

To add a single subscriber, click on "Add a Single Subscriber". This will open the Subscriber Details Page, allowing you to add a single subscriber.

On the right side you have the option to add one or more subscribers to your list.To add a large number of subscribers collectively, click on "Import from CSV".

Exporting Subscribers

On the left side, below the search bar, you have the possibility to export all subscribers via the "Bulk Actions" button.

Alternatively, you can export only your current selection of subscribers that are currently marked with a check mark on the left side. You can select all subscribers in the current view with the uppermost checkbox. Furthermore, you can choose to delete all your subscribers or the current selection of subscribers.

Subscriber List Options

Additionally, the navigation bar offers you another dropdown menu where you can choose whether you want to view all subscribers or only subscribers with a certain status such as "Confirmed" or "Pending".

On the far right of the navigation bar, you can select the number of entries per page, as well as navigate back and forth between the individual pages of your subscriber list.

The subscriber list shows you a quick overview of each subscriber, including their email address, first name, subscription status and subscription date. If you click on an individual subscriber, the Subscriber Details Page for the selected subscriber will open. There you can view the values of all other subscriber fields, if any, and change them if necessary.

On the right, as with any table in the Maildroppa app, you can edit or delete a single Subscriber. Attention - there is no further confirmation prompt when deleting a single subscriber - the subscriber is deleted with immediate effect!

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