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How to improve your sender reputation

How to improve your sender reputation

Having a good sender reputation means that your email marketing efforts will actually be worth it. Your sender reputation will have the biggest impact on the deliverability of your emails, so it’s crucial to maintain it.

Deliverability is not the same as the delivery rate. The delivery rate simply tells you how many of your emails were delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes, but this is not what’s going to determine the effectiveness of these emails. Deliverability tells you how many of your subscribers opened your email and interacted with it.

The deliverability rate depends a lot on you, the sender, and how well you’ve done your homework on good email marketing.

How your subscribers interact with your email influences your sender reputation. Did they open it or move it directly to spam? Did they unsubscribe when they saw your email in their inbox or did they interact with it instead? Did they delete the email or did they reply to it - it all affects your reputation.

Maildroppa takes care of the delivery rate, ensuring that your emails get delivered to 99.4% of your subscribers. On top of that, it also has an opening rate of just under 30%, which is considered very high for a marketing email.

People and businesses we work with make up our reputation. The reason Maildroppa has a high open rate is because we only work with legitimate businesses, hence most user interactions with these emails are positive.

The way we protect our reputation from scammers or unprofessional emails is through AI, which monitors an entire system and ensures that information provided by our clients is legitimate. The AI eliminates clients that have inconsistencies or suspicious information on their profile submissions. By working exclusively with high-quality customers we ensure that our reputation is safe and hence our deliverability rates stay high.

While working with a company that has a good email reputation is going to boost your outreach, there are things that you can do to increase the number of positive interactions with your clients.

The only way to do that is to study how your subscribers react to your emails and then make changes accordingly.

One of the first things you should look at is your mailing list. Your list should only include people who have actually agreed to be on it. While a growing list means more opportunities to market your brand, providing good content is lost on anyone who didn’t ask for it or ended up there by mistake. Your work does not stop there.

You also need to do the mailing list maintenance and make sure that once a subscriber unsubscribes you no longer send them emails. Otherwise, you are very likely to receive a complaint that will affect your sender reputation negatively.

It might be an obvious one, but at the end of the day, content is what will convert your subscribers into your clients, so work on constantly improving your content, this includes copy as well as design.

Another thing that could be affecting your deliverability is the frequency of your emails. A good way to avoid over-interacting with your subscribers is to ask them how frequently they are willing to receive your emails. This way you will avoid getting on their nerves by daily emails. Keep the daily updates for those subscribers who actually want to receive them.

You keep a good sender reputation by keeping your subscribers happy, and the only way to know how to do that is to study what works and what does not work with your users.

You have to systematize the interaction patterns your subscribers have with your emails and track any changes in their behavior as you change and update your system.

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