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Signup Forms Overview

The Signup Form Overview page is your dashboard for anything related to your signup forms.

Forms Settings button.

The Forms Settings button allows you to manage the complete customer lifetime signup flow.

Create form button.

Clicking on “Create Form” takes you to the Form Builder where you can create a new signup form.

The Signup Report shows you how many times your form has been viewed, and gives you a brief overview of how your signup forms are performing over time. The Signup Forms List gives you a lifetime performance overview of each signup form and lets you manage and activate or deactivate your signup forms.

Signup forms overview dashboard with graphs showing form views and performance statistics.

Signup Form Report

The Signup Form Report shows the time-specific history of your signup form views. In the upper left corner you can choose to see all your forms in one report or if you prefer to see one specific form at a time. In the upper right corner you can define the time period you wish to view.

A signup form report showing views over time plotted as a graph.

You can also choose whether the views are grouped by day, month, quarter or year. The date selection is limited from the day of your registration at Maildroppa to the current day. We cannot give you a forecast for the future ;).

The report is updated every few minutes and also shows the data of the current period (depending on your chosen time period setting - day, month, quarter or year). It is therefore common to see incomplete data or lower-than-normal views on the default report, as it is showing you an incomplete time period.

Signup Form List

Below the report is the Signup Form list. Each of your signup forms is listed here starting with the default signup form. The list is divided into different columns, giving you a quick overview of necessary statistics.

A signup form list with different form types and their respective statistics.

Signup Form Types

The first column shows you the type of sign up form, and designates a color to each individual form. There are three types of forms, namely Slider, Inline or Popup. The designated color will represent the form in the report. For example, if Form A’s designated color is blue, its statistics will be represented by blue on the report.

Signup Form Name

The name you have chosen for the form.

Number of Views

The number of lifetime-total views of the respective signup form

Number of Confirmations

This indicates the number of signups that were confirmed by the subscriber clicking on the confirmation link in the signup confirmation email (double opt in), for the respective signup form.

Conversion Rate

This shows the lifetime total conversion rate of the respective signup form (number of lifetime views divided by the number of lifetime confirmation clicks), based on the number of views and confirmations.

Show Code Snippet

Show Code Snippet button.

To embed or share a signup form on your site, click on the "Show Code Snippet" button.

In the popup that is displayed after clicking on this button, there are 3 tabs: Share, Javascript and HTML.

Embed form popup with a code snippet and tabs for sharing, JavaScript, and HTML.

"Share" - here you can copy a link to a Maildroppa hosted version of your signup form to share it with your audience without having to make any changes to your website. This is also a great option for those who don’t have a website yet.

The "JavaScript" tab lets you copy a short JavaScript snippet. This will allow you to integrate the Maildroppa signup-form into your own website in a few minutes.

Under the "HTML" tab you can copy the raw html code. This is a good option if you want to make manual design adjustments to the form yourself.

Form-Config (3 dots)

A screen showing options for different forms including editing, disabling, and deleting forms.

On the right of the list there are three gray dots. Click on them to edit, remove or disable the respective form.

If you have created your own form and no longer have any use for the default signup form, you can choose to deactivate it. Deactivating a form is also useful if you’d like to see its lifetime totals so you can compare them to the lifetime totals of your new form, but no longer need the old form.

When a sign up form is deactivated it is no longer visible from the outside. If someone tries to view it anyway, via the Maildroppa hosted variant for example, they will get a HTTP status code 404 “Not Found”.

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