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Signup Form Settings

The Signup Form Settings page allows you to customize the text of all the pages and emails that are required in a customer's lifecycle.

The text of the signup form itself can be customized directly in the form builder.

If you need a data processing agreement, because your company is required to comply with the GDPR or another Data Protection Law, you can customize it on the Marketing Permissions page.

All other text for the Signup-Lifecycle flow can be customized on the Signup Form Settings page.

Signup Response Page

After a customer signs up on your signup form, we display a subscription request confirmation page, known as a thank you page for short. There are two options to choose from here. Showing a message on a page hosted by Maildroppa, or redirecting to an external page.

Maildroppa signup response page settings with message customization options.

If you’d like to show a message on a Maildroppa-hosted page, select the Show Message option. You will now have the opportunity to customize both the title of the message as well as the message itself. Alternatively, you can redirect the subscriber to a page of your choice

  • this allows you to create your own thank you page, complete with your own look and feel.

Signup Confirmation Email

To legally implement the GDPR, we always send a signup confirmation email to your customers. If your company is based in Europe, this is compulsory. However, there are many advantages to implementing double opt-in even for companies from countries without strict data protection regulations. It checks all email addresses for validity and ensures that only customers who really want to subscribe to your newsletter are signed up.

This is one of many components with which we achieve significantly higher delivery rates than other providers. This directly impacts your reputation as an email sender positively, and therefore your email campaign metrics such as delivery rate, open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe rates too.

Maildroppa settings for customizing the double opt-in signup email.

You can define the subject and the text of the signup confirmation email and choose whether the confirmation link should appear as a button-style link or a text link. You can also customize the text and appearance of the link as you wish.

Link style customization options including text color, font size, and alignment.

The menu item "Add Ascii Field" gives you the possibility to access all subscriber fields dynamically. This means that you have the option to, for example, address your subscriber by their first or last name when sending an email. This can increase your conversion rate.

Email editor toolbar with an option to add an ASCII field for improved personalization.

Signup Confirmation Response Page

When the customer clicks on the confirmation link or button in the signup confirmation email, they will be directed to the signup confirmation response page.

For this step, you can choose to use the Maildroppa hosted page again, or you can opt to redirect the subscriber to a page of your choice.

If you choose to use the Maildroppa hosted page, you will have the option to customize the title of the message, as well as the message itself.

Message and header customization options for the signup confirmation response page.

Welcome Mail

This section gives you the option to send out a welcome email to new subscribers once they have confirmed their subscription through double opt-in.

The welcome email can provide an introduction to your product or app and include a link to a lead magnet - free content that is exclusively available to subscribers of your newsletter.

An effective lead magnet could be exclusive access to a free ebook, video course, or webinar.

The Maildroppa app allows you to further increase your sign-up rate by promoting your lead magnet on the sign-up form through the use of a step indicator. This is a basic headline at the top of your signup form, such as "Step 1: Sign-up, Step 2: Download the free ebook."

Customization options for the welcome mail including the subject, message, and whether or not to send it.

This is a simple but very effective way to get more people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Unsubscribe Request Page

When you send out a newsletter campaign to your subscribers, we include a link below each email that the subscriber can use to unsubscribe from your list. This is another step we include to ensure GDPR compliance. It also assists in maintaining your reputation as a trustworthy email sender and will help to ensure consistently high delivery rates.

When the customer clicks on this link, they will be redirected to a Maildroppa-hosted page where they will need to confirm their decision to unsubscribe from the newsletter. This will help to prevent accidental unsubscribes.

Customization options for the unsubscribe request page including the header and message.

You have the option to customize the title and message of the unsubscription confirmation page. Similar to the Subscription Confirmation Email, one can choose between a link and a button that can be customized in terms of appearance.

Unsubscribe Response Page

This is the last step in the subscriber’s lifecycle. The subscriber is directed to this page after confirming their unsubscription from your newsletter. Time for a final goodbye!

You can edit the subject and text of the message if you choose to utilize a Maildroppa-hosted page. Alternatively, you can choose to redirect the customer to an external page of your choice.

Customization options for the unsubscribe response page including the title and message to be shown.

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