Guide on Crafting Transactional Emails with Maildroppa
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Transactional Emails

Under the "Transactional Emails" menu item, you can create and manage emails that you send using Email Automations.

Transactional Emails

Transactional Email Overview

The overview displays a list of all your transactional emails.

For each email, on the right side, through the 3-dot navigation element, a popup appears allowing you to edit or delete the email.

Creating a Transactional Email

In the top right corner, by clicking the "Create Transactional Email" button, you can craft a new transactional email.

Subsequently, an email editor will appear, similar to the editor used for Newsletter Campaigns.

First, you need to specify an email subject. Using a compelling subject directly and significantly impacts the open rate of your emails. Be creative! Consider the (judicious) use of emojis. When used effectively, they can work wonders. Learn more about using emojis here.

Below the email subject line is the main editor where you can craft the content of the transactional email. You should definitely make use of our Personalization Tags. to make your email more individual and personal, thereby increasing the click-through and conversion rates.

Again, creativity is key - and a piece of advice - keep it concise. No one likes long-winded emails that don't get to the point!

Once you're done, click on "Save".

Finally, you'll need to assign a name to the email, which will help you locate it later in the Overview and when selecting it within the Visual Automation Builder.

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